Monday, 15 October 2012

Corset making for the Weekend...

This weekend saw yet another successful workshop of Corset making, a chance to be sociable,meet new people, chat and exchange banter about all sorts that women chat about when they dont even know each-other, that's not to say Men aren't welcome..They definitely would be, but this weekend there were a total of six women  of various ages, shapes and sizes. This Corset workshop was hosted at The SpinningWeal Craft shop in Clevedon , Bristol - Similar
Each time I run a Corset workshop the best ice breaker happens in the first ten minutes and then the admiration for corsets begins as do the roars of laughter and then it feels like we have all known each other for years, it's both bizarre and wonderful!  So the Ice-breaker is to try a corset on for size, it's amazing.All are up for that and gasp at the immediate reduction in waist size !

The guards are down and everyone shares their excitement at having a weekend to indulge in such an activity and what they are doing for lunch...usually all end up sitting together.

Something happens when strangers share a focus, they also share their lives and what's happening, traumas and triumphs and why they want a corset.

So the patterns are out and all start tracing off their size, ready to cut out into their chosen fabrics.

Cutting the right size pattern is so straight forward as we can adapt  after first fit.

Once the  3 layers are all cut and fused ..the corset is matched together and stitched  eagerly!
Here the seams are being opened out and pressed with a steam iron

The channels at the Centre back are created next with a coutil facing ready to accommodate the steels that give your back such amazing posture. The eyelet holes are then measured out and created to  apply metal eyelets.This is done quite early so that the corsets can be fitted incase of alteration, to design and size.

Next the busk is inserted into facings at the centre front.Once the Busk is in the corset can be tried on  but first the ladies are baffled by the lacing up method!

So inserting the laces or ribbons really brings the corset together ...Thread down to the sixth hole and create your bunny ears for real pull on the waist!

Next: Trying on the corset is simple and create more excitement and admiration..This is laced up fairly loosely but you can see the space for more tightening here in the centre back.. No bones are applied yet that's one of the last stages.

The view from the front...the seams are positioned on the outside..which is a great way of also finishing the inside of the garment.  Look at the waist and it's not even tightened.

This illustrates an alternative method of ties , rather than ribbon, we inserted cord which gives a simpler image.
Lace has been overlayed in the pink and charcoal corset made by Jackie..who is wearing her corset to a Christmas party looming up soon.

Next stage is to cut and prepare the channels ready to stitch over the trimmed seams to then carry the steel boning.These are also fused and cut to 25mms

Making the channels is theraputic  and inspring as they really shape the corset, and emphasise the linear quality of all the seam work involved.

With all the channels stitched on which takes about an hour..we can insert the steel boning..nearly at the end..All that is left is to trim the top and bottom edges in preparation to apply the bindings and neaten!
Lucille in the forground with wild pink hair has a lucky daughter who is going to recieve the sage green and Black corset that she is making.

Lacing up the corset back with cord.

This is a finished Underbust waspie Corset (viewed from the Front)

And a view from the Back with pink cord to close.

The beauty of the waist never fails to captivate and thrill!

A spotty corset..these Victorian style corsets really are blank canvases when they start,each and everyone is different by the end of the 2 day workshop

I list the workshops on my website  and they are almost over for this year...however check out The Spinning weal as I have one running there at the beginning of December but also there is another at Heartspacestudios, Harcourt Road, Redland,Bristol mid November with lunch included.

Required: Basic sewing skills only: Come and make your corset! 

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